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I recently came to the conclusion that I am probably eating raw fish far too often for it to be healthy. In fact, I eat sushi nearly every day... or at a minimum, 4-5 days per week.  With people always mentioning to me the dangers of mercury poisoning, often using the famous Jeremy Piven incident as an example, I decided to ask a doctor about it.

During my conversations with the doc, he actually agreed that I am consuming far too much mercury. However, he did say that it's even common for people who eat tuna sandwiches on a regular basis to also be consuming too much mercury.  Apparently, even one can of albacore tuna per week has the potential to elevate the mercury in your blood to dangerous levels.

The FDA recommends not exceeding more than 12 ounces of fish per week.  That is basically the equivalent to eating a single sashimi entrée, or having just 2 tuna sandwiches.  I was pretty surprised by these numbers!

NACSo, if you're like me and really have no desire to change your seafood eating habits, but at the same time, don't want to risk the possibility of one day developing mercury poisoning... what can you do?  Thankfully, there's an answer!

The doctor suggested taking a daily supplement called N-acetylcystine (NAC), which should help reduce the risks of mercury poisoning from eating fish (assuming you don't have any existing liver problems).  NAC is a glutathione precursor, which essentially helps your liver with removing toxins from the body, including mercury.  Taking 1000-1500mg of NAC on a daily basis will help ensure your liver maintains its optimal antioxidant capability.

Needless to say, after learning about all of this, I went to GNC and picked up a bottle of it.  Now that I'm armed with this Mercury-Poison-Protector-Supplement (cheesy, I know), I think it's time to go eat some sushi!

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I recently had the opportunity to take my first flying lesson.  As often as I travel on commercial airlines, I have always wondered what it would be like to actually take the controls and fly a plane - so I was excited to try this out for the first time.

My lesson began on the ground at the Orlando Apopka Airport where I was shown how to do a preflight safety inspection, and then we were ready to power-up the engine and taxi to the runway.  After takeoff, the flight instructor took us up to 2,000ft and let me take the flight controls.  It was an amazing experience to take control of the plane.  We mostly flew over the Apopka and Altamonte Springs area but it was such a clear day, I could easily see Downtown Orlando and even Daytona Beach was visible off in the distance.  The flight instructor showed me several maneuvers - including how to bank the plane to rapidly gain speed as well as gliding the plane without the engine running.  Although he did allow me to experience the weightlessness feeling of dropping altitude to a point of zero gravity, he was reluctant to let me try any flips or barrel rolls.

After this first lesson, I decided that it would be fun to start working on earning a Private Pilot License, as my time permits.  Each time I go up, it will count toward the 40 hours of minimum flying time required.  It will be a lot of work, but I have always believed in working hard - even when it comes to hobbies such as this.  Eventually, once I do earn my license - I think one of the greatest rewards will be to take my son flying with me and let him take the flight controls at some point!

Whether in business, family life, or even a hobby that you enjoy in your free time - it is important to always reach for the sky.  There is no limit to what you can achieve in life as long as you have the determination and drive to make it happen.  For me, I am going to be reaching for the sky (literally) by taking on this new hobby of flying.

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A Blog by a DummyAnyone who follows me on Twitter or is friends with me on Facebook can probably attest to the fact that this isn't truly "my first random rambling," since I tend to randomly ramble on there quite a bit.  However, this is the first time I've gone beyond the micro-blogging platforms to write about things in a little more detail, at least on a personal level.  I've blogged in the past on behalf of the various businesses I have been involved with over the years, but never just as "me."

So what kind of content can you expect to read about on here?  Well, the title of this section says it all.  It will certainly be random.  I'd say for the most part, I'll generally be writing about technology, business, internet/social media, current events, food, family life, or anything else that pops into my head which I feel like sharing.

Expect me to be brutally honest about anything I have to say.  There's even the possibility that I might offend you at times (but I'll certainly try not to).  I believe very strongly in free speech and completely despise the "political correctness" movement in the United States that encourages you to always censor yourself in order to avoid the possibility of offending someone.  Don't get me wrong, I understand there is a time and a place where censorship is certainly required, but people shouldn't feel obligated to be politically correct 24/7.  It's important to take a break from walking on eggshells every once in a while and express yourself.

Anyone who knows me well, certainly knows that I enjoy finding fun in everything I do and I love to laugh. I wanted to point out the section on your left titled "Funny Stuff."  There's some hilarious photos in there already and I will be regularly updating it with things that make me laugh. I hope they will make you laugh too!

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to sharing much more with you in my future posts.

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